Friday, November 14, 2014

Learning Colors and Numbers With UNO

I taught my children the colors just by playing UNO with them. Every time I laid down a card I would say the color name. They learned the colors quickly and soon were saying them too. This is also a good game to teach numbers with (though if you say the numbers every time, it's a little confusing when someone gets "UNO".).  You can also incorporate many phrases, like the ones I list below.  Your children will be pick these up in no time if you use them while you play (though you may have to explain what they mean at first. .

Some Phrases to Use While Playing UNO

I need a card. - Necesito una carta.

Do you need a card? – ¿Necesitas una carta?

Your turn! – ¡Te toca!

My turn! –  ¡Me toca!

Pick up a card  – Saca una carta.

Pick up two cards - Saca dos cartas.

Pick up four cards - Saca cuatro cartas.

I already picked up a card. – Ya saqué una carta.

You go first. –  Tú empiezas.   (Or, you can say "Tú sales.")

Are you ready to play? – ¿Estás listo para jugar?

I’m ready. – Estoy listo.

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